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PostSubject: YGOPro   Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:18 pm

Quote :

YGOPro is an automatic dueling system.
For more info go to the official site:
Download, extract or install let it update when needed (automatic update) and start playing by clicking the uptopia icon (W7 open as administrator)
For questions ask in the question(s) section and name the topic as exampled below.
Q:YGOPro 'and the question'

YGOPro Questions:

Q: What is the FPS at the top?
A: FPS stands for frames per seconds, it shows how smooth ur game is running, and no its not depending on internet connection but pure on your system requirements.
Max FPS is 61 giving a fast pased dueling experience


YGO link addon

Quote :

YGOLink is a link generator made by seeds of eternity (a french community)
wich provides you (the player) to upload the replay or deck (.yrp for replay and .ydp for decks) and share them troughtout a single link. dont worry, the file is only 1 kb and easy to download since its hosted on their server. (might make my own variant in the future)
YgoLink Download and how to
For questions ask in the question(s) section and name the topic as exampled below.
Q: YgoLink 'question here'

I will also update on various things concerning YGOPro when required, new cards, custom skins, and other things

Thanks for reading and hope you have use for it

-BRA Staff-
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