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 Test Results: mikumikufan

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PostSubject: Test Results: mikumikufan   Thu May 09, 2013 4:39 pm

Following the testing rules found here, I shall now present the results of mikumikufan.

Name of the Tester: Vision
Deck of the Tester: Constellars

Name of the Testee: mikumikufan
Deck of the Testee: Lightsworns

Duel 1: Vision won.
Duel 2: Vision won.
Duel 3: N/A

Deck Construction: 80/100
Notes: The deck was nicely built and included basically everything a Lightsworn deck needs, though there were some rather uncommonly seen techs in the deck which didn't always help the Testee, so points were subtracted here.

Deck Originality: 10/20
Notes: While Lightsworns aren't commonly seen anymore, I have seen many similar decks during my time as duelist, so I had to subtract half of the points here.

Dueling Skills: 35/80
Notes: This result may seem devastating at first, but I have a good reasoning to do so, and, after all, it is my job as Tester to be as honest as possible.
He knows the basics of his deck, that for sure, but he lacks a lot of conscious thinking, as he made quite a few unfortunate plays, didn't utilize the full potential and generally responded a bit funny to my plays. Also, he didn't seem to have sided at all. My advice is that he should mainly should have a deep look at his deck and think about possible plays, which cards harmonize well with others and the likes. I also offer private Ruling Lessons for individual members at request.

Attitude: 15/20
Notes: He was, well, rather quiet throughout the deck, yet not being unpleasant, cocky or rude, so a solid 15/20 is applied here.

Extras: 15/20
Notes: He is willing to learn when I asked him if he wanted me to explain the End Phase Flow Chart to him, so he gets Extra Points here.

End Results: 165/280

Welcome to Jurrac Dorm.

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PostSubject: Re: Test Results: mikumikufan   Fri May 10, 2013 9:20 am

Placed in Dorm. Gratz, and topic locked.

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Test Results: mikumikufan

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