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 Black Feather Points and Contribution Points

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PostSubject: Black Feather Points and Contribution Points   Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:21 pm

Black Feather Points and Contribution Points

Black feather points (BFP) are points you gain by challenging people in duels, completing Lessons, selling things in Deck Shops, Gfx Shops and by winning tournaments. These points can then be spent again on items that are available in the Main Shop, found here.

Contribution points are given for posting more. For ever post you make you gain 5 points, and for every topic you make you gain 10. Keep in mind that spamming useless topics, such as making 6 individual topics about the same thing, and double or multi posting is not allowed. Whenever you reach a certain amount of these points, you can inform an Admin and claim an achievement from the below options.

- 100 Small Poster

- 500 Consistent Poster

- 1000 Contributing and busy

- 2000 Quite the Contributor

- 3000 Famous Contributor

- 5000 Divine Contributor

Whenever you deserve a rank, just contact an Admin over PM and it will be added to your profile.

-BRA Staff-

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Black Feather Points and Contribution Points

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