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 ShizukuSangou's Test Results

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PostSubject: ShizukuSangou's Test Results   Mon Jan 06, 2014 1:42 pm

Name Tester: Sylveraine
Deck Tester: ShizukuSangou

Name Testee: Jurrac Battlin'  Boxer
Deck Testee: Lightsworn / Twilight

Testee duel 1: L  7/20
Testee duel 2: L  12/20
Testee duel 3: W/L    

Deck Construction: 78/100
Looks like a pretty good and consistent build. Not so sure about the Gravity Warrior, but that's a personal choice I reckon.
Dueling Skills:  45/80
You could see she knew what she was doing, but the automatism of the YGOpro duel system was still too much present and caused her to forget things such as Necro Gardna or searching for Charge of the Light Brigade. Missed intentional missplays with Maxx "C" and Effect Veiler and Dimensional Fissure.

Attitude:  18/20
Nice guy and a relief to play against someone like her.
Extra's:  15/20
Like the deck build and would love to see more from this.

End Results: 175/280, close to Jurrac, but still Ice Barrier. Congratulations.

Dorm results:
Black Rose: 250-260
Jurrac: 185-249
Ice Barrier: 110-184
Gusto: 0-109

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ShizukuSangou's Test Results

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