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 Alisae's GFX Shop

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PostSubject: Alisae's GFX Shop   Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:50 am

So erm...I'm bored. So I'll do art for peeps. And I do this based on mood, so if I feel like doing this, I'll open up this thread and take requests, if I don't, I'll lock it. So... Don't expect this to be open forever. And yes, I don't need currency so it's all free.

I'm guaranteed to accept any High Quality Render. If it's Decent Quality, it depends. And if it's Low Quality, LOL no. And I'm not working with stocks or modifying any images you give me.

1. After you requested something, you don't get another request for a good 2 weeks.
2. Expect that I will take my time with them and hopefully not be a lazy fuck.
3. 1 request at a time.

I can do the following
Square Avis
Vertical Avis*

Requests goes as follows
Name: (Text on the signature)
Size: (Size of the canvas I'll be using. Though this is preference, I have right to ultimately use whatever size I want)
Request Type: (Self-explanitory)
Image/Render: (Basicly the image I'm working with. HQ renders I'll work with, Decent Quality Renders I'll also work with. Low Quality, LOL no).
Character: (Basiclly who is the character in the image. That way if you give me a render I'm meh about, I can always find one I like and use that one instead).

Request Type:

*Experimenting, so if you order this, it's something new I'm willing to try.

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Alisae's GFX Shop

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