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 FanFic - A Lost Civilization

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PostSubject: FanFic - A Lost Civilization   Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:46 pm

The Drake Class Battlecruiser finally came to a halt at the Koz-Azor system, dropping out of warp. Captain Issier answered directly to the State Fleet, being in the Caldari Navy, but she never intended to be a puppet to the State. She was known by several politicians and corporate magnates to ignore political motives, except when it would endanger the lives of people, or the fate of ships. She always put the people first, material seconds, and currency would be somewhere at the end of her list of priorities, right next to power.

The ship came to a full stop. They were almost in the heart of the old Amarr Empire, before it had gone down a flaming death in their war with the Minmatar. At least, so the legends went. Though these two monstrously huge wrecks indicated there was truth to them. Captain Issier, first name Carlyn, walked to the windows of the bridge, looking outside at the wrecks of two Naglfar Class Dreadnoughts, each about 5 kilometers tall. The ships were vertically built, instead of horizontally, unusual, but effective for front line spread fire. The two were surprisingly close to each other, only about 2 kilometers apart. These ships would've needed at least 5 kilometers free space around them from the nearest capital ship, else they would've gotten into each others gravitational pulls, and with a ship that size, unable to manoeuvre out so easily. The frigates that were scattered around the field would have easily been able to fly closer, simply due to their agile nature. Carlyn nodded at an officer, indicating they could start their sensor sweep of the area. If these dreadnoughts had any data left in their computers after all this time, then they would have to find it. The only issue would be to translate it.

The first sweep had been done, revealing no power in either of the two behemoths, nor any signs of recent activity or life. Wouldn't be surprising, since they also found no breathable atmosphere anywhere in the two wrecks. So massive, and even then, nothing to sustain life. At all. She sat down into the corner for sensors and communication and started looking for other signs of activity in the Kor-Azor system. The Blood Raider Covenant was nearby, they'd already gotten conflicts with them several times. None were serious, but it indicated they weren't alone. And that for her was enough reason to be on her guard. The scanners came up empty, so she let it rest. For now. First things first, they would assemble 2 away parties to investigate the left Naglfar first, find out what it has, and then return to the DR-8K Serena, their own ship. If all goes well, they'll look afterwards on what steps to take next.

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FanFic - A Lost Civilization

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